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European Women’s Outdoor Summit 2019


Flims, Switzerland / September 12th - 15th, 2019

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Talk less, act more:

The European Women’s Outdoor Summit (EWOS) is the networking event for all European women dedicated to the outdoors. Four days full of sharing visions, connecting with like-minded women, inspiration by the world’s female game changers and workshops for your personal and professional growth.

#EWOS2019: Our goals

  • Encourage women to release their full potential.
  • Raise awareness for the expertise and talent of the women in outdoor sports and its branches and businesses.
  • Increase the participation, visibility and number of girls and women in outdoor sports.

Why we do that? Because we believe that these are the first steps towards more diversity in outdoor sports - hence a real door opener for societal changes.

#EWOS2019: Your goals

The #EWOS2019 is set up for all the outdoor women who want to reach their goals, whether it’s in your private or business life: Boost your business? Speak up in your company? Fight stereotypes? Encourage more girls and women to discover outdoor sports? Engage for sustainability? Promote diversity?

Together, let’s fight stereotypes, close the confidence gap and smash the glass ceiling! The European Women’s Outdoor Summit offers these powerful tools:


Data, ideas, tough truths and experiences: get inspiring insights by the world’s female game changers.


Learn practical skills that help you to reach your personal or professional goals. No bla-bla, just hands-on - promise!


Meet future business partners and sisters in crime. Or will they be friends? Networking just happens thanks to a relaxed atmosphere and multiple outdoor activities in the Flims mountains.


Show your expertise or business to the world: all participants will be presented in the first ever published issue of Bloomers Magazine. Distributed through our partners in a 100.000 circulation, it offers you the unique chance to reach a multisports audience in the DACH region. Furthermore, the EWOS will be covered in English online.

The #EWOS2019 is your place to be if you are a(n):

professional in the sports and tourism branches - entre­preneur or solo­preneur - professional athlete - journalist - blogger - influencer - brand ambassador - photo­grapher - video­grapher - municipality represent­ative - academic staff - scientist - represent­ative of a sports club or non-governmental organi­sation (NGO) - activist - a highly interested outdoor woman

No matter what your element is, no matter whether you are a mountaineer, mountainbiker, kajaker, climber, stand-up paddler, snowboarder, freeskier, hiker, longboarder, surfer, trailrunner… #EWOS2019 is the event you just wouldn’t want to miss out!

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Registration and Check-in

Discover the highlights of Flims

  • Mountainbiking
  • Kayaking
  • Via ferrata
  • Slacklining
  • Trailrunning
  • Freestyle Academy

Outdoor Welcome Apéro

on the shores of Lake Cauma

Never mind the gap, Cinderella!

Hannah Röther & Anna Weiß, Bloomers Outdoors

Genius Loci Flims - whats obligatory to raise world class athletes?

Sandra Kirtz, Flims Project Manager & Local Outdoor Heroines

Top secret!

Stay curious, this is going to be announced soon!


Panel Discussion:

How can we expand the narrative in outdoor sports?
What are possible societal and economic benefits of such an expansion?

For over 200 years outdoor sports have been transported with an image that is more masculine than it really is. Until today outdoor sports create the impression of an exclusive club, open only to the young, wealthy, fit and healthy. This image prevents a lot of potential newcomers of all types and ages from entering sports. The potential for economic growth is restrained and the possibility for societal changes neglected.

Work­shop A
Work­shop B
Work­shop C

Vegetarian lunch

Work­shop A
Work­shop B
Work­shop C

Networking time

Vegetarian dinner


Work­shop D
Work­shop E
Work­shop F

Vegetarian lunch

Work­shop D
Work­shop E
Work­shop F

Discover the highlights of Flims

  • Mountainbiking
  • Kayaking
  • Via ferrata
  • Slacklining
  • Trailrunning
  • Freestyle Academy

Vegetarian BBQ

Pecha Kucha 20×20 Night:
The superpowers of Wonder Women

Female Game Changers tell about their stories, the obstacles they have overcome, their mistakes and their successes.

Sophie Friedel, Skateistan
Christine Oriol, Women rockin’ Pamirs
Tanya Naville, Women’s Skimo project


Vegetarian Outdoor Brunch

Panel Discussion:

Outdoor sports in the big picture: How can we shape a sustainable future?

What does the term 'sustainability' mean? What can we expect in terms of demographic and social developments and technological innovations? How can we actively shape a sustainable future for all market participants and our environment?

Outdoor Group Happening: Better together

Planting trees, creating a forest: together with our amazing partners from Bergwaldprojekt.


Stay curious, this is going to be announced soon!

Farewell Note

by the organizers


Workshop A:

You may not yet be aware of it but it's a fact: you're a natural born storyteller! Storytelling is probably as old as mankind, an essential human activity rather than a 2019 marketing buzzword. So how to turn your congenital talent into a tool that you can use for content marketing, branding and beyond? What does it take to make a story memorable and have it shared? What's important when you frame your story into pictures and videos?

Led by
• Dr. Nina Rebele
• stay curious!

Workshop B:

When was the last time you've asked your boss for a salary rise? Do you know what's unique about your work? What's on the agenda of your business partner? At the first glance, these questions seem to have no relation to each other. Yet this is a wrong conclusion. Being able to negotiate the value of your work requires to know the value of your work requires to know what your partners need. To this crucial foundation, it's good to know all the wrinkles, because presentation skills, language and body language also affect the success of your pitch/ your negotiations to a great extent.

Led by
• stay curious!

Workshop C:

Curiosity and the urge to experiment are inherent in every child. As grown-ups, creativity is often under the daisies, buried by routine and the anxiety to please and render the right decision. For solution-solving, we prefer to consult experts to be on the safe side. This behaviour limits innovation as we only reproduce someone else's success model. Copy & Paste - remember? So let's break it down: even experts gain their knowledge in trial and error and it's not an experiment if you know it will work! But what makes highly successful companies really stand out? Often, they use a process for creative problem solving: Design Thinking. It utilizes elements from the designer's toolkit like empathy and experimentation to arrive at innovative solutions. In this workshop, you will discover why you need real leadership skills for this technique. Together with a highly innovative brand, you will develop a new product and experience the whole design thinking process first hand to adopt it to your special needs.

Led by
• stay curious!

Workshop D:

Strong girls, strong boys! Studies show that gender stereotypes develop in the early childhood. Teachers, parents, coaches etc. play a vital role in the reproduction of gender specific behaviour through the way they talk, give feedback etc. To give children an opportunity to develop a strong personality free from gender expectations, we need to raise awareness for our own gender concepts. This workshop gives scientific insights and practical exercises in the concept of gender sensitivity. A workshop not only important for the private, but also for the business life: if we are exposed to more than thousand advertising messages each day, marketing responsibles can make a huge difference in the way their models apply body language, designers when deciding for colours and shape.

Led by
• Sophie Knechtl
• Anja Kirig
• Prof. em. Dr. Uta Brandes

Workshop E:

Outdoor sports are more than a fun hobby. Many non-profits are using the power of sport to strengthen local communities, and work towards equality, inclusion and social equity. But what is the power of outdoor activities, how can they unleash their full potential in creating a better society and who can be part of this change? There is growing interest from both small and large businesses about getting more involved in social issues, both for the purposes of marketing but also very genuine motivations around corporate responsibility. In this workshop, you will get insights in best practice examples developed in Sweden and elsewhere and be supported in coming up with your own ideas for creating and funding novel partnerships to use the outdoors as a tool for change.

Led by
• Dr. Lucy Rist
• stay curious!

Workshop F:

Am I good enough? Can I do it? What will the others think? Even though we climb mountains, surf waves or race bikes, even we outdoorsy women know those doubting questions that keep us from realising our goals. What if all the women with plans and visions just stopped worrying and started to do what they dream of? We want to find out! In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify their vision, how to deal with fear and expectations and how to stay motivated on their way.

Led by
• stay curious!



Located just 90 minutes from Zurich airport in Switzerlands mountaineous canton of Graubuenden, Flims has it all: Ragged mountains rising up to 3.000 m. Extensive forests. Caribbean-like, turquoise-coloured lakes. The Swiss Grand Canyon, the marvellous gorge of the young river Rhine. The region offers extraordinary opportunities for outdoor addicts from small to grown-ups - all year long. Plus it is home to many outdoor enthusiasts and some world-reknown female professional athletes. In other words: our perfect hosting partner - for the second time in a row.

Check out for accomodation and transport.

To all the rebel girls and women out there: You are more than just a target group. You are the future of outdoor sports! Be the change you want to see in the world. Take part in the
European Women‘s Outdoor Summit!


750 € including 19% Mwst (VAT)


  • Full program from Thursday afternoon till Sunday afternoon
  • Keynotes
  • 2 Panel Discussions
  • 2 out of 6 workshops (each one 4 hours)
  • Welcome Apéro at Lake Cauma
  • Vegetarian Dinner and Lunch on Friday and Saturday
  • Vegetarian Outdoor Brunch on Sunday
  • Outdoor activities led by professional local guides
  • Business card in the printed magazine with a circulation of 100.000 plus your free copy sent to you
  • Business card online at
  • Access to all data, studies, scripts, presentations and documentation
  • Free use of professional, high-resolution photos

Not included:

  • Getting there: Please consider using public transport like Flixbus and Rhätische Bahn or car sharing for getting to Flims.
  • Accomodation: There’s a broad range from campgrounds to 5 star hotels - please check our hosting partner Flims’ website for offers!

Get one of 150 tickets - just drop us a line and we’ll send you more information! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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“I always thought I was one of the few, now I know I am one of the many.”

Lorna Schouten about the EWOS 2017
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You and your expertise / projects / vision!

Wanna know more? Read about #EWOS2017 on and reach out to the participants of #EWOS2017 for future collaborations!

These are the participants of #EWOS2017. There’s a lot of talent and expertise in this bunch of women! Feel free to contact them for cooperation, for their expertise, for the services they offer - or for learning a new sport! Buy your stuff in their shops, go on holiday with their travel agencies. Oh, and don’t forget to follow their blogs and social media streams! Let’s connect and support girl power!

We are currently working on the final program of #EWOS2019. There are some more highlights in the pipeline! Don’t miss any news and follow us on Facebook: